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Chess Club is a lot more radical that I thought it was #comics #teendog



Since the day that Barbara Gordon landed in comics and later TV as Batgirl the character has put a boatload of money into her owners bank accounts through licensing. Do a quick search on Amazon and type in Batgirl and a variety of apparel and toys will show up.

The redheaded daughter of Jim Gordon is bank as far as DC Comics and Warner Bros. is concerned.

But not always. In 1988, the character was seen as so unimportant she was eased out of the Batman book. Not through her own title or joining another group - but by having a bullet split her spine on page and left to be sexually abused by the Joker.


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It is truly baffling how DC keeps the Killing Joke within continuity, but drops all of the interesting stuff with Oracle. It is long past time for them to just kick TKJ into the sun.

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The Planet Hulk and Incredible Herc trades were actually my brother’s, and I told Greg Pak that I was embarrassed that I hadn’t read it yet, and how even my youngest brother was giving me crap about it, and he doesn’t read many superhero comics. He offered to draw this lovely sketch of the Hulk in the book #comics #cacollection


Went to Fantom Comics to see Greg Pak and get some of his books signed. Also picked up some Copra and Delilah the Dirk while I was at it #comics #cacollection

  • Question: This may have been covered before, but given the increasing instances of characters existing in more than one media simultaneously, do you believe that continuity is still necessary in comics? Marvel has set it up so that even characters not familiar to the public at large can still be established relatively easily. We all knew Gardians was gonna be huge. Ant Man will likely be successful. Seems to me that this can open up print to more risks, more "Elseworlds" type of storylines . - Anonymous
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    Continuity is incredibly important. Continuity is just like your own personal history. It defines who you are and how you got here.

    But just like you don’t need to instantly access all of your personal history to live in the moment I think it’s a mistake for writers to constantly bombard the reader with information about the back story to make us believe the now. in fact I think it can be a crutch.

     I read a lot of comics and I see this kind of writing and I want to tell the writer just tell your story… don’t tell me everybody else’s story that came before you. only give me the information I need right now to enjoy this moment.

     me and quite a few of my friends have a real issue with comics that are just about other comics. if you’re doing that you damn well make sure you have a reason

     Especially characters with growing continuity that spans decades but really only supposedly a few years.  it can be a cumbersome mess that doesn’t actually help your story or the character at all.

     I know some people accuse me of ignoring continuity but that’s just plain ridiculous. what I don’t do is pander to an audience that knows every little bit of minutia. it’s okay that they know what they know. I know it too. my job is to make sure these characters are vital and living in the moment and as long as nothing has been contradicted i think its all cool

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Today’s guest comic is drawn by talented artist and rad person Jones, creator of the comic Helvetica! Give it a read!

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A message from the creative team on the new Batgirl on how to preorder it from your local comic shop.

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Comic Story Critique


One of my students from Seneca College (where I teach Animation courses) sent me two finished comic scripts for feedback. I don’t normally have time for this kind of critique, but we’ve talked quite a bit in the class about his desire to create comics and I wanted to encourage him to continue…

Reblogging this since the advice can be used by anyone who wants to write comics (myself included).

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Holy Mae Jemison! Lumberjanes #2 is going back for a second printing! Congratulations to all the creatives involved!

If you haven’t read Lumberjanes yet, I think issue #1 is still free on Comixology for a little longer.