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  • Question: This may have been covered before, but given the increasing instances of characters existing in more than one media simultaneously, do you believe that continuity is still necessary in comics? Marvel has set it up so that even characters not familiar to the public at large can still be established relatively easily. We all knew Gardians was gonna be huge. Ant Man will likely be successful. Seems to me that this can open up print to more risks, more "Elseworlds" type of storylines . - Anonymous
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    Continuity is incredibly important. Continuity is just like your own personal history. It defines who you are and how you got here.

    But just like you don’t need to instantly access all of your personal history to live in the moment I think it’s a mistake for writers to constantly bombard the reader with information about the back story to make us believe the now. in fact I think it can be a crutch.

     I read a lot of comics and I see this kind of writing and I want to tell the writer just tell your story… don’t tell me everybody else’s story that came before you. only give me the information I need right now to enjoy this moment.

     me and quite a few of my friends have a real issue with comics that are just about other comics. if you’re doing that you damn well make sure you have a reason

     Especially characters with growing continuity that spans decades but really only supposedly a few years.  it can be a cumbersome mess that doesn’t actually help your story or the character at all.

     I know some people accuse me of ignoring continuity but that’s just plain ridiculous. what I don’t do is pander to an audience that knows every little bit of minutia. it’s okay that they know what they know. I know it too. my job is to make sure these characters are vital and living in the moment and as long as nothing has been contradicted i think its all cool

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Today’s guest comic is drawn by talented artist and rad person Jones, creator of the comic Helvetica! Give it a read!

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A message from the creative team on the new Batgirl on how to preorder it from your local comic shop.

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Comic Story Critique


One of my students from Seneca College (where I teach Animation courses) sent me two finished comic scripts for feedback. I don’t normally have time for this kind of critique, but we’ve talked quite a bit in the class about his desire to create comics and I wanted to encourage him to continue…

Reblogging this since the advice can be used by anyone who wants to write comics (myself included).

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Holy Mae Jemison! Lumberjanes #2 is going back for a second printing! Congratulations to all the creatives involved!

If you haven’t read Lumberjanes yet, I think issue #1 is still free on Comixology for a little longer.




By Chris Sims

I’ve been a fan of the Magical Girl genre ever since I first saw Sailor Moon make a monster explode with the power of love and justice, so I’m pretty sure I’m right in the target market for what Kel McDonald is doing with her new series, Misfits of Avalon. Inspired by the legends of King Arthur and Irish Mythology, Misfits finds four teenage delinquents who are recruited into a life of battling monsters with magic words and super-powers in the classic style. There’s just one problem: They don’t know that they’re actually the bad guys.

To find out more, I spoke with McDonald about publishing her graphic novel through Dark Horse while also putting it online, the appeal of terrible teenagers, and just what it was that inspired her to take on a group of jerks.

Kel McDonald: I was watching the anime YuYu Hakusho, which is my favorite shonen anime, and I thought “I like how much of an asshole all of these teen boys are, but I wish there were stories about girls that were like this.” That was kind of the beginning steps in the process of making Misfits of Avalon, and the guy who made YuYu Hakusho happens to be married to the creator of Sailor Moon. It all connects.

ComicsAlliance: Was it a difficult pitch? It seems like a comic about these really awful teens would be hard to sell someone on.

KM: I was originally going to do a short story, and I was going to pitch it to Dark Horse Presents as a one-shot short, and then it quickly ballooned into being too large for an eight-pager or 20-pager. I think what also helped was that the overall plot is that they’re trying to stop King Arthur and are unaware that they’re the bad guys, and that gives the story some focus, rather than just being s**tty for being s**tty. I don’t keep that close to the chest. It’s pretty clear at the halfway point in the first book.

That was a key part of the pitch, that it was a twist on Mists of Avalon, which is where the title comes from, which was the King Arthur legend told from women’s point of view. So having them be fighting King Arthur and being unaware of the fact that they’re the villains of the piece also helps justify their asshole-ness.


Didn’t know this was going up online now. I’ll have to check that out.

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Batman Animated Cartoon Star Wars Bruce Timm | The Mary Sue

Somewhere there is an alternate reality where Bruce Timm made a Star Wars comic. I am devastated that I do not live there.

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"You are too fucking old to play DDR," whispered the universe, through its small, passive child messenger.

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Come visit me, COREY LEWIS THE REYYY THIS WEEKEND at Emerald City Comic Con 2014! Table X-06!!

I’ll have copies of AREM, a new 32-page 1-shot comic book space adventure tribute to the video game METROID! 

Read about Arem, and see a preview of it here on Comics Alliance


Also both volumes of the pulse-pounding action digest SHARKNIFE and SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z!!!!

Along with self-published projects like Layered Jacket, Sharknife vs A Poop, Rufyo and We Are the Broken Ones!!

Basically a lightningbolt of comix energy at TABLE X-06!!! 

(Near Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple, Simon Roy, etc) 

Just look out for these banners: 

Just heard about the tribute comic. I’ll have to check that out online since there’s no way I’m getting to ECCC (though I wish I could).

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