oti xero: Gavin Moore: "Why do we want girls to play girls and why do we want boys to play boys?"


Editor’s Note: I’m happy about all the comments and discussions my interview with Gavin Moore has brought up around the internet, but I feel like I have to set something straight. I changed the title of this article. The original title: “Japan will never care about sexism, it’s a non-issue"…

I’m amazed at some of the contradictions in this interview. The developer, Gavin Moore, says he didn’t want to make the main character a girl, or implement a dual gender option, because that wasn’t the story he wanted to tell, then later says that the main character doesn’t speak because he’s a cypher for the player.

If the main character is supposed to be a cypher for the player, then shouldn’t there be a greater reason to let the player pick the character’s gender? Heck, the game looks like it’s supposed to be a puppet show so why not make the main character’s gender indeterminate?

Also, this might be just me, but whenever I see a creator say they can’t be sexist because they have strong woman in their lives I immeadiately think back to that Colbert Report gag where he shows the picture of his token black friend.

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