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Things are happening in these Smash Bros. screens ⊟

Nintendo sent me a 1.1 GB folder of BMP files today. Yes, one point one U.S. gigabytes of bitmap files. That collection of images includes 200+ screens of the new Smash Bros. game. Since Tumblr’s gallery only lets me upload ten at a time, here are the ones I found most amusing from the 3DS version.

Most of them are odd Luigi shots because there are an inordinate amount of these images in the batch. The others are just weird/un images I found. King Dedede looks like he just witnessed something he can’t unsee.

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When I say people want to see more diversity in stories, no, I really don’t mean different stories about straight white dudes. I really, really don’t mean that at all. This isn’t about types of stories being told. This is specifically about people. I’m not letting you make this about something else. You are not hijacking this message to make sure we’re still talking about straight white dudes.

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Nintendo Power #22 - March 1991 - Part 1 of 2 of the 3rd part of the Startropics Guide. Quite frankly I’m worried for this kid who has Bananas in his ears.

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  • Question: I'm an English teacher working in Japan and when I asked some of students what they thought about GZ, they said they hated the stuff that happened with Paz. When I asked why they hated it, the response given was something I did not expect. They felt they were victims of "寝取られ" (Kinda means cuckold) and that the "used goods" deserved what she got. I'm still kinda amazed at the dichotomy of reactions between the two cultures. Also your daily Spelunky and BoI streams have been a great joy. - Anonymous
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    This really doesn’t say anything beyond what it literally states if we take the anonymous poster to be who they claim to be: a handful of random people out in Japan apparently didn’t have a problem with the scenes in question. Considering the state of feminist dialogue in Japan, this doesn’t come to me as a particularly big surprise and that lack of feminism as an ubiquitous topic in mainstream Japanese sociopolitical discussions is probably what the original poster was trying to point out, but to extrapolate that sort of reaction as one belonging to an entire culture is unrealistic and robs this sort of discussion the nuance that it so desperately needs. Based on the reblogs and whatnot I’m seeing here, it saddens me to see people just seemingly throwing their hands up in their air and declaring “WELP, JAPAN! YOU DID IT AGAIN!” as though everyone there is, of course, part of an intellectual hivemind and would inherently agree with those students and that they, implicitly, are inherently more advanced and enlightened thinkers philosophically by virtue of not living there. If that’s not true for any routinely stereotyped Western country where almost certainly those sorts of generalized responses are coming from, you can bet your ass Japan is in that same boat, too.

    I don’t have the time or energy to translate the material, but I will say this: there is such a thing as feminist movements in Japan —I’ve written about them myself on here before, in fact!— and there are totally people over there who are not at all comfortable with how Paz is portrayed in the game. Quickly looking up in Japanese on Google terms such as “メタルギア5 パス 強姦" or "メタルギア5 パス レイプ" and restricting search results to be for postings after Ground Zero’s release will give you a variety of blog posts and forum threads debating the merits and overall necessity of those scenes. For quick reference, here and here are two forum threads that recently ran on 2chan about this subject. There’s some healthy debating on the matter, but more importantly, there’s no universal consensus on the matter and the people who are really uncomfortable about it make themselves heard. Furthermore, Kojima even mentions in Japanese in an interview with a Belgian fansite that “everyone” on the development was opposed to the idea of producing those scenes, a sentiment I’ve confirmed with my own interpretation of the source video’s Japanese responses. Obviously he managed to convince people to push through with it eventually, but when I look at all of this, I don’t particularly see “Japan” as a population of people universally agreeing or disagreeing about the justification of those scenes. I see what you see everywhere else: some people horrified, some people nonchalant, and a lot of people somewhere in-between.

    Am I particularly surprised to see people jump on that bandwagon and just go “lol japan, you so crazy”? No, definitely not. It profoundly disappoints me that more thought isn’t put into how and why some trends are what they are or why certain line of thoughts can seem to be widely accepted over there, but to say that I’m used to seeing that sort of dismissiveness is perhaps underselling how routinely I see it. I realize that anybody reading this who doesn’t speak Japanese is going to have to take me at my word about there being actual debates on those scenes, but since people are already willing to do that with the original poster, I feel I’m entitled to interject with what I have to say on the matter as well. To be certain, from what I can see overseas, it doesn’t seem like it’s as contentious of a topic inside Japanese discussion circles as it is outside of them, but there’s a huge difference between a topic being more rarely discussed and there being actual widespread consensus on a matter. You have to read between the lines in these matters, especially with Japanese language and culture where so much is left deliberately unexpressed when the assumption is already present that the people talking are all up to speed on the basics of any given topic.

    Just my two cents on the matter as a Japanese translator and feminist myself.

    Glad to see this. Had some huge problems with Ground Zeroes, obvs, but seeing so many people go back to that good ole well of “lol, Japan” is really exasperating.

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I made a boob tutorial, hope you enjoy.

(reuploaded because typos are unacceptable.)

I am bad at art and now I see why


Four and a half years for my degree in art and they never once went over these basics. What a waste of money.

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Batman trained for years to learn how to be the best at losing to Windblade.

Only two things can defeat Windblade: the shambling masses that represent a grave threat to humanity, and The Walking Dead.

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I’m really glad people are opening up and talking now, because the degree to which people think shit like this is acceptable is ridiculous. Industry professionals need to make huge changes, but so do consumers and fans. We just all need to be better than this. Jesus Christ. 

Adding these last tweets too because it illustrates perfectly how this stuff goes even beyond “internet harassment” to creating a culture where women don’t feel safe doing their day to day lives because of  the way that men get away with this shit ( and without being challenged or silenced!). 

My biggest hope from all these conversations is that they will not just go away, like so many previous ones, and that things will start to change, because. I mean how many other ways are there to say this? Unacceptable and abhorrent in every way. 

This is terrible and really has to stop. As the blog by Andy pointed out this is not women’s problem, this is OUR problem, boys. We make some changes. 

I’ve had death threats and threats of violence and it really did make cons kind of miserable for a while, never knowing who’s out there of if the hand I’m shaking wrote the threats. 

Basically this is sexual terrorism and it shows how big a threat women are to these losers. It’s even worse in the gaming industry. 

Im not sure what the solution is but it starts with education. These creeps have to learn that they are the ones not wanted in comics.

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I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)


This is my new favorite thing. If I ever fail to reblog this when it’s on my dash just assume I’m dead.

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Five Biggest Snubs and Five Amazing Surprises from the 2014 Eisner Nominations



by David Harper

The 2014 Eisner Awards nominees have been announced, and perhaps more than any year I can remember, it’s pretty hard to disagree with anything they came up with. I’m not just saying that because we earned a nomination, but it’s just a pretty iron clad list of nominees who…

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Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”

It’s true. Perfectionism is an enemy of creativity. One of the hardest things to do is accept that anything you do is probably going to be flawed at first. That’s okay, it literally happens to everyone. The trick is to go back and polish it once your done. Even if it still isn’t “perfect” it will still be better than what you started with, and you’ll have learned something to boot.

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